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SynCal for Drupal 8

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SynCal provides the ability to synchronize events to third-party calendars such Google Calendar. Supports insert, update and delete operations for node entities that have a date range field.

Requires the Google API Client PHP Library.

The module requires an external library, Composer must be used.

composer require "drupal/syncal"

Getting Started

Google Calendar API Setup

Developer Console setup

  • Go to Google Developer Console
  • Create a project
  • Enable "Google Calendar API" for the new project
  • Back on the main "Dashboard" page, under the main menu, click on "Credentials"
  • Create "Create credentials"
  • Click "OAuth client ID"
  • Select "Web application"
  • Give it a name, e.g. "SynCal Connect OAuth"
  • Under "Authorized redirect URIs" type LOCAL_DOMAIN://syncal/user/syncal/google_calendar Replace LOCAL_DOMAIN with your local environment, development or production domain
    e.g. http://localhost/syncal/user/syncal/google_calendar
  • Click "Save"
  • Under "OAuth 2.0 client IDs" you should see the Web application client ID
  • created on the previous step, click on its name
  • At the top, click on "DOWNLOAD JSON". This file will be required on a later step

Local & other environments setup

  • In order to test on a local environment, the domain must name localhost, e.g.
  • Go to /admin/config/syncal/settings
  • Select the content types(s) that should sync up to Google Calendar
  • Select the "Date range field" that will be used as the date value
  • Click on "Save configuration"
  • Click on the "Google Calendar" tab
  • Upload the JSON filed downloaded on step 12 from the Developer Console setup section