Arithmetic & Logic Gate Algorithm Evaluator (ALGEA)


The algorithm uses the Shunting-Yard algorithm and applies the Reverse Polish Notation to traverse through an array of tokens, essentially a parsed mathematical expression (string).

Queue holds operands, evaluation of expression results, and operators including logical operators.

Stack holds the logical operators.

SynCal for Drupal 8

Drupal URL:

SynCal provides the ability to synchronize events to third-party calendars such Google Calendar. Supports insert, update and delete operations for node entities that have a date range field.

Requires the Google API Client PHP Library.

The module requires an external library, Composer must be used.

composer require "drupal/syncal"

Peace, Love and Rock & Roll

Nothing more than one of 'em default brushes and some simple colors.

Using Formulas with Views & Hook Views Query Alter

Requirement: Get a list of store locations within a mileage range.

Setup: A Location content type with fields for the address, zipcode, city and state. Client wanted them separately so using the Location or Geolocation would not have done much for us. Though I only spent less than 30 minutes with each of these to see what they had to offer for what was needed.

Challenge: Perform a mathematical formula in Views using the hook_views_query_alter.

Support Kingdom of Knights' Kickstarter Campaign

Today, the self-funded game, Kingdom of Knights has launch a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds and take the game development's to an Alpha state.

My role in Kingdom of Knights is to assist in the production of the game. Working closely with producers throughout the production process. Involved at the pre-production stage of the game and marketing of the game.

The game will be release as a Free to Play (F2P) MMORTS with a planned Alpha release to pre-register users by the end of this year.

Please support us into ambitious endeavor at Kingdom of Knights - Kickstarter Campaing.

Kingdom of Knights

Kingdom of Knights is a Castle Building RTS MMO Video Game aimed at users building up their Kingdoms to take on the wrath of their neighbors. Let there be no quarter.

Visit the Official Facebook page at

Beans - Create, Preprocess, and Theme.

This is a simple example of code (template) snippets to work with Beans, including the creation, preprocessors, and theming.

For this example I will be creating the Bean through the GUI and locking it in a Feature. This is good for high-paced development, and at least for what I have used Beans for, I haven't had the need to create one programmatically, yet.

Beans turns blocks into an entity, Block Types; which then you can create instances of each block type, have fields, view modes, etc. Just like you would with a content type.

Drupal Best Practices & Standards

Here is a collection of links to great blogs written by some of our best Drupal comrades. I have stumble upon these blogs again and again and have found them very helpful while developing. I highly recommend reading through all these.

48 Essential Drupal Development Tips From Lullabot

This is an awesome collection of Drupal development best practices by Justin Emond at

Eclipse Plugins I Can't Live Without

Since I have been working mostly on back-end development, specially under the Content Management System (CMS) Drupal. I prefer to use Galileo's flavor of Eclipse. The reason why I have always use Eclipse is simply because I was introduced to it while developing Java applications as well as Android Apps.

Interview Questions

These are some of the most common questions I have been asked and ask myself on interviews for LAMP positions. I will update these questions and possibly answer some of them on my spare time.

Something important: If you mention knowing something on your resume, expect to be asked about it.


Note taking questions.